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lagi Gempa Bumi..!!

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bersabarlah diatas dugaan..
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Let’s make dua’ for our Muslim Ummah especially in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Shaykh Muqbil, (Allahs mercy be upon him), had written a book with regards to this matter: Asbaabu Zilzaal (The Reasons for Earthquakes) and the likes of this and the calamities. It is a tremendous book. So we thought it would be beneficial after we saw what had taken place, that we could bring about some benefit with regards to this particular matter.
Firstly, before entering into the book itself, I wanted to mention some of the brief Kalaam (speech) with regards to the Surah Zilzalah in the Qur'an, (The Book of Allaah), Allaah mentions Surah 99:
"When the earth is shaken with its final earthquake." And the scholars of Tafsir, (those who explain the verses of the Qur'an according to what the Prophet Muhammad, Sallahu Alayhis Salaam, has said with regards to its meaning), from them Ibn Kathir; he mentioned that meaning here of this particular earthquake, that is mentioned in this particular Ayah, that it is the earthquake before Yaumal Qiyyamah, (The Day of Judgement).
"And when the earth throws out its burdens.
" Also Ibn Kathir mentions with regards to the meaning of this particular Ayah at that particular time; the earth will cause that which is in it, to be cast out from the dead in the earth, from the treasures in the earth, from that which is buried in the earth, from ancient civilizations, whenever it may be. That at that particular time, the earth will throw up its burden, meaning that which is held in it.
"And man will say: What is the matter with it?" Ibn Kathir mentions, with regards to this particular Ayah, that the people will say "Maa La Ha (What is wrong with it?)". He said that at one time before this particular event, it was a land that was at rest, at peace, a normal affair, a normal matter and then it began to shake and quake. So this shows us that even at that particular time, because that place is at rest, it is a normal day, people are going about in their normal affairs, normal business, and then all of a sudden the earth begins to shake. It begins to move and the people begin to question; what is with the earth? And as I read in one of the meanings with regards to the Tsunami itself, that some of the scientist say that it is as if the earth shook upon it's axis in this particular Tsunami.
"That day it will declare its information about all that happened good or evil." Ibn Kathir explains with regards to this particular Ayah: The earth is from the Shuhood (witnesses) for or against you. That those places that the people committed sin in, then the earth will bear witness against you and as for the places that the person has done righteousness in, then the earth will also be a witness for you. It's either a witness for you or against you. So this particular matter shows us that the earth itself will testify and it will speak with regards to that which had taken place upon it.
"Because your Lord will inspire it." Ibn Kathir mentions with regards to this meaning, that the inspiration here is that Allaah commanded the earth to shake; that it is Allaah that commanded the earth to move. And this is a refutation, as Shaykh Muqbil will get into against those who attribute these calamities to the nature. They call them natural disasters, and as we will see from the speech of Shaykh Muqbil: If one actually says this believing that it is the earth or the nature itself that causes this matter, then he is a disbeliever. He disbelieved that it is Allaah who has caused this matter and caused the affair to take place with His infinite Wisdom.
"That day mankind will proceed in scattered groups that they may be shown their deeds."
"So whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom or a small ant, he shall see it."
"And whoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom or a small ant, he shall see it."
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by Abul Hasan Malik Aadam Al-Akhdar

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